Film Sticker Printer

Machine Features:

– Brand New Upgrade, Simple Operation, One Pieces be Acceptable
– The Machine Occupies Small area, One Person can Operate Multiple Machines
– Don’t Worry about Color Deviation and Color Fastness issues
– No Engraving, No Stroke, No Hollow out
– Without Limiting the Fabric

– High Color Fastness
– Long Service Life
– Good Stability
– High Efficiency
– Good performance
– High Precision

Technical Parameter


TS 600

Print Head Model

Epson 4720*2

Printing Accuracy

1440dpi/ 1080dpi/ 720dpi/ 360dpi

Printing Speed

High Speed Mode: 15m2/h, Quality Mode: 10m2/h

Printable Area


Color Mode


Print Media

PET Transfer Film

Media Convey

Automatic Retractable Film System

Heating System

Three-Stage Heating Device

Interface Mode

USB 3.0

Ink Type

Eco-Friendly Pigment Ink

Ink System

Automatic Ink Supply, White Ink Automatic Circulation System



Working Environment

Temperature: 200-280 C, Humidity: 50%-70%

Machine Size

Printer Machine: 1600*860*1500mm, Powder Drying Machine 2000*1100*1350mm

Printer Weight

125 Kg


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