NHT-180 Pre-Coating Machine


Machine application field:

NHT series pre-coating machine provided the possibility for small quantity digital fabric printing business.

MH series pre-coating machine features:

Multi-function since it also can be used as a small centering machine, setting machine.

Economical, Easy to operate

NHT series pre-coating machine is suitable to be used for silk, cotton fabric coating, and tiny entering. Machine speed can be adjusted easily. Infrared heating dryer.

Main parameters:

  1. Coating way: Double side
  2. Fabric width: 1800mm
  3. Mechanical speed:0.1-15m/min
  4. Dry method: Infrared heating dryer (14 groups, each group got 3 heating lamps, each lamp power rate is 2.2kw. Stepless heating power rate adjustable) Heating power rate: 92.40KW
  5. Motor power rate: 6.18KW

Main equipment included in this machine

NHT series pre-coating machine include the fabric feeder, optoelectronic centering device, coating padder, edge searching steering structure, infrared heating units, take-up system, and machine frame base.

  1. The fabric feeder unit is built with 12# channel steel. It is combined with an optoelectronic centering device and guiding roller.
  2. The coating padder is combined with two squeezing rollers and an ascendable chemical agent tank. The roller diameter is 220mm.
  3. Edge searching steering structures are controlled by frequency control systems as to meet the operator’s speed.
  4. The edge searching structure concluded with the optoelectronic switch, the position limit switch for maximum dancing bar, the position limit switch for safety, and AC linear motor. The theory is that the optoelectronic switch detects the fabric edge and sends the signal to PLC2 for treatment. After calculation, the PLC2 will send a signal to adjust the AC linear motor to move left or right to find the right position intelligently.
  5. The infrared heating units are concluded by 42 pcs heating tubes. And they are separated into 14 units to dry fabric. Each heating tube got 2.2KW. The total infrared heating dryer unit power rate is 92.40KW. The total power rate is adjustable by a continuous controller. As to protect the fabric in case of sudden power off, the heating unit cover will open automatically. The heating drum unit is combined into 4 pieces of 570mm in diameter. The first heating drum surface is treated by Teflon.
  6. The take-up system is controlled by an independent AC motor and speed reducer unit. Its starting and stopping are controlled by PLC1 through a position limit switch. Or you can buy the optional A-Frames to hold jumble rollers. There are edge cutting units to be installed before the take-up unit.

The parts should be covered by the user:

  1. Power supply requirement:380V,50Hz;
  2. Air compressor;
  3. Exhausting pipe;
  4. A-Frames jumble rollers holder.

Machine price and payment terms:

Price in -/pc EX-work. Buyers can make payments by USD or Euro at a real-time exchange rate. 50% T/T in advance, a balance of 50% should be paid when the machine is ready before delivery.

Delivery time:

60 days after receiving the 60% down payment.

Packing, transportation, and installation:

The buyer needs to arrange content for a factory and the factory will be responsible to load the machine into the container. The buyer should inspect the machine at the factory before loading. And we do recommend buyer to send a technician to be trained in the factory. If the buyer does need the factory to send a technician to the site for installation instruction. The buyer should cover all the costs for the technician including the wags during his travel.


The machine warranty is 12 months or 14 months from the date when the machine leaves the factory. Remarks, the electrical control components warranty is 6 months or 14 months from the date which machine leaving the factory.

The factory guarantee that all components be used in machine building are meeting the national standard. They will be responsible for machine quality during the warranty period except the machine failure is caused by incorrect operation.